September 5, 2011

8 Reasons Why Success Eludes You

If you’re worried what the world will think of you and what others will say about you then you’re seriously handicapping your chances of achieving success. You’ll likely take the “safe” route for all your decisions, and by safe I mean boring and with mediocre results.
You may think that taking risks will without a doubt hurt your success…but sometimes playing it safe can hurt your success much more than you think.Playing it safe and sticking to the same path as all your competition will at best produce decent results, and at worst cost you a lot of time and money. Taking a risk by trying something new may result in a waste of your resources, but it could also result in amplifying your success tenfold.
Don’t be afraid to risk humiliating yourself or wasting resources by trying something new. If you fail, people may laugh but if you succeed, people will support you, respect you and cheer you on.

8 reasons why success eludes you

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