January 18, 2012


Ever since I signed up for this blog back in 2008, I have always wondered what I would use it for. What would I want to write about? Back then, I didn't even know what blogging was. I thought keeping a journal of the events that happened in your life was purely stupid and not worthy of my time.

Not only was I wrong--I was very wrong. According to Oprah: writing down one's experiences could be cathartic.Writing allows you to master self-expression.  I don't have to document the events of my personal life on this blog--I won't. I am rather going to use this space to share my opinions on everything and anything I care about. Which can be narrowed down to technology, entrepreneurship, Ghana, and things that get people inspired and motivated. Some opinions may rub people the wrong way, but I can only be brutally honest anytime I hit publish.

I have spent the last couple of months picking out a template and design for this site. I settled on this one because it's minimal, and allows the reader to focus on the content (I did tweak the original a bit).

I intend to use this  space as a channel to improve my writing. I love reading well written articles, so I will strive to write the kind of opinion pieces I want to see published on the web. I have enabled comments on this blog as a way for interaction between myself and those that care to indulge. You don't have to comment, but I will be glad if you did so I can get your thoughts.

This is something new for me, and I intend to enjoy the ride. You are welcome to join!

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