April 13, 2012

Finding Your Voice (a post by @FredWilson) by @VoiceBunny's

Finding Your Voice (a post by @FredWilson) by @VoiceBunny's

Finding your voice doesn’t just mean blogging by the way. I’m watching a good friend get involved at a high level in a big time political campaign and I can see how energizing it is for him. I’m watching my partner Brad finding a way to engage in advocacy that he has cared deeply about for years. I’m watching dozens of entrepreneurs start companies with a goal of changing the way the world works for the better.
But blogging can help achieve all of these voice finding exercises. You have to walk the walk and talk the talk. Blogging/commenting/social media is the talk part. And I encourage everyone out there to leverage the Internet as you find your voice, make an impact, and find your way in this world.

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