June 2, 2012

Being Honest

Abe. Honest. by Brian Matiash (brianmatiash) on
I made a pact with myself that the only condition on which I would launch a personal blog was if I could update it regularly--I haven't been holding my end of that agreement. Maintaining a blog (regularly) is indeed a truly disciplined task that I am still mastering. One needs to make the mental effort to come up with things to write about, but I'm not blaming the lack of regular updates here on the idea that I've had nothing to write about, I've just been surprised at myself on why I haven't found the inspiration to see this through. This is a gut-check. I've recently found a rekindled eagerness to start penning my numerous thoughts--because, well, they are piling up and I can't keep them locked up forever.

I'm sorry for the visitors who come on a regular basis and don't find any new content. It's time to get to work and continue what I thought I'd started.

image credit:  Abe. Honest. by Brian Matiash

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