June 20, 2012

No I'm not Crazy, Just Passionately Curious

Passion, according to the dictionary app in my Chrome browser is defined as a Strong and barely controllable emotion. But Where does this emotion come from?

In my circle of friends I'm known to be passionate about three things: Apple, technology and entrepreneurship. Although you could throw sports in there, but i am guy so what would you expect?
My passion for a product such as the iPhone didn't just develop overnight, it was a process. A few of my friends know that I was one of the biggest Apple critics out there. I used to think their business model was questionable: Release a device with fifty percent of it's features, only to release the other fifty the following year. Whiles charging more for it. Some would still argue that this is the case for the Cupertino behemoth, but that argument will be for a later post. My passion for the Apple brand actually began with the release of the iPad 2 (late, I know). Leading up to it's unveiling, I was pre-occupied with getting to know when the Blackberry Playbook was getting released--I was still on a Blackberry then, so I wanted a complimentary tablet to go with my Blackberry addiction. RIM (Research in Motion) kept stalling on when the device would see the light of day so I figured it wouldn't hurt to watch the iPad 2 keynote in the interim--I was blown away. I began to doubt if I was on the right side of history. The level of detail and precision that was put into developing the iPad 2 was just something I never knew existed--it was like seeing a whole new world of tailor made electronic products. My heart would belong to Apple from there-on. But this is not a post about my love for Apple, it's about how my passion for Apple products developed.

Let's take when Research In Motion launched the Blackberry Bold 9000 back in 2008, back then most of my friends weren't enthusiastic about the Blackberry as they are today. I had read about the device's features during my final year in school so I knew that was the phone I wanted to get. I got my hands on one in September of 2008 and learned everything I could about it. I perused the popular Crackberry blog, daily, learning about the ins and out of the device, and how to troubleshoot bugs I encountered. I posted so many articles about the device on Facebook that a friend asked me whether I was getting paid by Blackberry for my constant marketing of the phone. Ha. It was only because of my passion and curiosity for the product.

When Blackberry finally became hot, friends turned to me for quick fixes and updates on when the latest software was getting released. Unlike iOS where the release of a new operating system or update to it's existing one is solely handled by Apple, Blackberry's OS updates are carrier dependent. Meaning, even though the OS update was approved from Blackberry to be rolled out to users, it would still have to go through the carrier's technical certification process to make sure all the bugs were removed. In addition, if a carrier such as AT&T released an updated version of the Blackberry operating system, one could hack their way into updating their device. Regardless of carrier, but provided they had the same Blackberry model the update was released for. I remember always updating my BBM status when a new OS got released so my friends would know when to update their phones, and even go as far as sending them the download link. Now fast-forward to 2012, and my complete overhaul of personal devices to Apple products.  Oh, how times change!

With my first iPhone being the 4S, I knew one of the major selling points was the 8MP camera and it's awesome editing features. I decided to test this out by first taking pictures of random stuff i came across, and posting them on my social networks. I would take a picture of the moon and label it, moon. doh? I guess I was trying to be simple. Friends couldn't understand my actions. Some would ask me, why take a picture of a cat, building, or street sign? I had to explain that it wasn't so much as the object being shot, but rather the appreciation of the photography behind it--The detail in the shot. 

As I did during my time with the Blackberry, I started to fill my news feed and timeline with iPhone/iPad/Mac material. Friends quickly knew what I was about--I became an expert in all things Apple. I talked about what the iPhone was capable of doing: Apps for doing anything you could think of, high-quality pixel-perfect Photos, and the fact that it was the sexiest piece of hardware ever designed--Gradually, a few friends switched from Blackberry to the iPhone. I got so excited about where mobile technology was headed that I started a Facebook Page so I could share my passion with others that were interested. Again I ask: Where does this passion and curiosity come from? what makes me want to talk endlessly about the things I'm passionate about? I'm really not sure, only that, it's a strong and barely controllable emotion.

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