July 1, 2012

5 years ago

5/29/2007 will probably be the most important day in all of tech history. That was the day the iPhone was unleashed to the world. What followed after made all of us witnesses to Apple's ingenuity and design dominance.
Leading up to the release of the iPhone in the summer of 2007, I was in New York on holidays from school. I remember very well seeing commercials of the iPhone on TV and asking my brother what this phone was all about. He answered me by saying that the entire world was waiting for the iPhone, and that it's mobile capabilities were through the roof. Back then I was not even remotely interested in Apple products, so I didn't think too much of it. When I found out he had stood in line for over 5 hours to buy the $600 phone, I was perplexed. I couldn't fathom why anyone would that--but thousands had done it. I was so shocked by the price of the phone, and the love people had for it that I decided not to play with it when he brought it home. I waited one full year until the summer of 2008 to really see what the iPhone was capable of doing. I was impressed. I couldn't put it down.
Just to put some things in perspective, since 2007 Apple has sold around 218 million iPhones and it has generated revenues north of 150 billion. The iPhone is the clear market leader from both a design and an app ecosystem perspective--there are over 500,000 apps for iPhone. It took me a while to grasp what the iPhone was really about. I didn't start using one until the fall of 2011, and I haven't been the same ever since. It has made managing my digital life a breeze, helped me be more productive, knowledgable--in realtime, and stay-connected with all my family. Saying the iPhone changed my perspective towards life is a big understatement--it revolutionized it. Today I have all three Apple devices. All in sync, seamlessly enriching my experience on life. I came from the blackberry camp (unfortunately) and anytime I see some of my friends still on that brick device, I try to convince them to switch over. Sometimes I wonder how in the world I ever touched one of those devices.
Granted, I haven't been an iPhone user for even a year now. But I've learned so much about this device in the seven months that I've used it. The iPhone has changed the world in only it's five years of existence, and I'm looking forward to see how it changes it again in the next five years. 

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