July 5, 2012


Equilibrium by Denis Demkov (Mezanin) on
I learned something about myself during the past few weeks that I feel has been something I've seriously been struggling with. I've always had the tendency to shut things or people out that I felt needed to be shut-out. Mostly due to how they affected me, and how I went about dealing with it. Call it a defense mechanism that I've developed: erase and shut out everything that even has the inkling of weighing on my thoughts. Unfortunately for me, I sometimes take it a bit far. 

I tweeted that a couple of days ago, and I feel it sums up the nature of what transpired, and the lesson I took from it. To put things in perspective, I've realized that maintaining an open heart in all situations is probably the best way to go from now on. Although it's easier said than done. It applies to both my professional and personal life--but mostly personal. Sometimes I fail to really think through the burden my actions will place on my thoughts, that I more often than not act on impulse--prematurely.
But like I said, events that occurred during the past few weeks have prompted me to reevaluate these premature actions, and to put a stop to them. I really could have missed out on a good situation, but somehow everything played out for the best. Let's just say, I'm finally in equilibrium.

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Image credit: Equilibrium by Denis Demkov

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