July 6, 2012

Taking Good Photos

I took this picture sometime last year, at a time when I was part of the unlucky ones still using the blackberry. That still doesn't take away the fact that my eye for good photography never existed, pre-iPhone. The iPhone enhanced it. I didn't have any new shots to post to my Instagram feed, so i did what I usually do when that happens: I go through my SkyDrive picture folder to look for old shots I haven't yet posted. I stumbled upon a stack of photos I'd taken when I visited the Basilica last year. This is the originaland I got it to look like the final product by exporting it into the camera+ app, enhancing the clarity feature, and then finally applying the Redscale filter. Viola! This masterpiece. I'm thinking about creating how-to's for some of the photos I've taken, and edited. I'm sure there are some that would like to have something like that available, for obvious reasons. But until then you'll just have to keep coming back for little tips here and there.

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