August 13, 2012

It's Twitter, But Paid.

I know all of this is depressing and probably not what anyone wants to hear. Believe me, I’m worried about what Twitter is becoming too. But I also feel the need to call a spade a spade. looks like the hero right now only because it hasn't had the opportunity to become the villain. And it probably never will.

MG has echoed my sentiments about Dalton Caldwell's It's yet another unambitious idea to to be relevant in the social space, thinking that this space is only made up of developers and users in Silicon Valley. This is exactly the issue I have with start-ups of today: regurgitating existing ideas with hopes of "making them better". How are you making Twitter better by asking users to pay for it? regardless of your intended goals, It's a barrier.

Twitter may not be making the right decisions for it's developer community, but it's users could care less. They are busy tweeting their thoughts on what ever 3rd party app they can find--including the official Twitter app, since it's actually not that bad now. Push notifications for tweets has been a feature I've fallen in love with, and keeps me updated on tweets I care to be notified about. Nonetheless, Dalton has met his goal and raised $500K in crowd-funds to execute his vision of a better, ad-free Twitter. But here's the thing though, the world doesn't need "a better Twitter". It needs developers such as Dalton solving real problems.  

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