August 20, 2012

The New iPhone Should Not Look like This

The imminent release of the iPhone 5 (New iPhone) has caused the usual over-the-radar hype of what Apple's new flagship device might look like. Some sites have even gone the length of drawing mockups, based of videos of parts of the iPhone that have been floating around the web. Unfortunately, looking at the mockups and watching the videos didn't really exude that wow factor I've become accustomed to with Apple products. If this is what the new iPhone will look 3 weeks from now, then I'm afraid saying that I'm disappointed would be an understatement. The "new" iPhone more or less looks the same compared to the iPhone 4/4S, the big difference between it's predecessor is the new 4" inch display which makes it taller and would allow for a 5th row of app icons, a smaller dock connector which would really screw up any existing dock connectors and peripherals you have, a headphone jack relocated from the top to the bottom of the phone. And most notably, the aluminum back which gives the phone a two-tone feel which I'm not totally fond of.

In terms of hardware design that's pretty much it. Similar designs from 4, 4S and now 5.

This year marks the 5th anniversary since the iPhone was released, and the change from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 offered the most radical of design changes. It set the standard for phone designs on the market. I know a phone can only come in a rectangular-shaped form, but I would expect the New iPhone to set the same standard as the original iPhone did--in terms of both design and functionality. Maintaining the same look of the device to propel it into the next five years doesn't really spell standard-setting, and it's somewhat disappointing from a passionate iPhone user such as myself. 

I showed this mockup to a female friend, and she quickly said she didn't want a larger size screen or taller iPhone--I agree with her. I feel the 3.5" diagonal is perfect for a mobile device. Anything bigger and i can use my iPad. Not to mention the rumors of an iPad mini which will reportedly have a 7.85 display. Is it really necessary for Apple to fill up every screen size criteria on the market? I'm not sure whether it's users are complaining, but I'm totally fine with the screen real-estate across all my iOS devices. 

I'm not too bothered about the relocation of headphone jack, albeit it may take a while to break the habit.

I for one am really excited for iOS6 to be released. I feel the software experience takes precedence over the hardware design--even though it enhances it. I love my iPhone 4S. It's a sexy device that couldn't be designed any better. It feels right in the hand and I have no trouble reaching the icons on my screen with just one one hand. If indeed the new iPhone will look like this, I would be scared to think that Apple had lost it's innovative design touch.
Again this is all speculation and conjecture. I honestly believe Apple just threw these websites a fake bone so they could help build up the hype for the next iPhone. I remember seeing images like this when Apple was set to release the iPhone 4S. The same hype emerged last year from the blogosphere, each website claiming to have reliable resources of released parts, and each releasing mockups (and sometimes blurry images) of what the new device might look like. When Phil Schiller finally released the the image of the iPhone 4S, all the websites and bloggers were embarrassingly wrong. This may be history repeating itself, and I've learned not to go by what the blogosphere predicts when it comes to iPhone designs. September 12th is just 3 weeks away, and I prefer to hold me breath until then.

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