August 2, 2012

Twitter Notifications in Mountain Lion: Disappointing

Ben Brooks published a pretty good review of Mountain Lion last week, and having used OS X 10.8 for a while now I can share some of his frustrations--most notably, Twitter notifications in the new Notification Center. Currently when you receive a Twitter notification on your iPhone and you tap on it, it opens the Twitter app on your iPhone (using the official Twitter iOS app in this case). It doesn't open mobile Safari to take you to the Twitter website.

This is not in case in Mountain Lion. Clicking a Twitter notification whether a DM or Tweet opens up Safari, and directs you to This action gives it a poor experience, and makes it frustrating to use since Twitter has an official Mac app which is actually good enough that I seldom go on the Twitter website to consume tweets. Hopefully this gets fixed in the next update to Mountain Lion since I doubt apps such as Tweebot, when integrated in Notification Center will direct its users to the Twitter website. 

Another gripe I have with Twitter notifications is that when I turn on my Mac after getting home from work, it shows notifications that I've already checked on my iPhone. Is it too much to ask for this to be synced? Like Ben puts it,

The difference between Mac notifications and iPhone notifications is that Mac notifications are really only relevant when they happen if I am at my Mac. Mountain Lion doesn't treat these notifications like that though, they are treated as just as important as the ones I get on my iPhone. That just seems off to me.

There are definitely some shortcomings with Notification Center in Mountain Lion, but it just debuted on OS X so I will give it some time. Although, Apple usually gets things right the first time around.  


  1. Yep, I didn't notice this until today as well. It shouldn't have been too hard to get the user in the settings to choose their favourite twitter apps and then on a click, open that app. Hopefully this will be sorted out in the upcoming updates?

  2. Yeah hopefully! It seemed like a no-brainer to me. Thanks for reading!